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Going through a windshield is a mighty painful way to learn about cut-rate replacement glass and weak adhesives!

Maybe you think a windshield is just to keep the wind from messing up your hair. But the fact is that the windshield is a vehicles primary restraint device in an accident. Consequently, an impropertly installed windshield can mess up a lot more than your hair.

Why you shouldn’t let just anybody replace your windshield?
Though not rocket science, windshield replacement is more complicated than meets the eye. And, in a business that’s fiercely competitive, there’s always the temptation to take shortcuts. Not only can installers use windshields inferior to those originally installed on the vehicle, they also can substitute inferior adhesives to glue the new windshield into place.

Cheap components greatly compromise passenger safety
With the auto maker counting on the windshield to provide protection in an accident, it’s clear that when cheap replacements are used safety is severely compromised. And, going through a windshield or being crushed in a roll-over are mighty painful ways to learn about the dangers of improper windshield replacement.

Beware of any installer who brandishes a utility knife
Naturally, when you’re waylaid by a shattered windshield you want fast service. However, the adage, “haste makes waste,” was never truer than in windshield repair.
The key is to first remove the windshield without doing further damage. However, installers , who use a utility knife to “cut” the windshield free, can slice into the protective paint of the surrounding metal, starting a rusting problem that not only destroys the appearance of your vehicle, but its ability to protect you in an accident.

Depend on Safety Auto Glass to do the job right
To ensure both prompt service and a properly installed windshield, one of our "mobile shops" (each fully equipped and manned by a trained and certified technician). And when they arrive to fix your vehicle, they’ll have the right windshield and tools to restore your vehicle to like-new condition. Best of all, when they are finished, they will hand you a written Lifetime Guarantee as your assurance that the job has been done properly!

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